Divorce, Uncoupling and Breakup ceremonies

Divorce ceremonies 

Some of life's transitions are painful. Nobody gets married with the aim of one day getting divorced.  But a ritual to mark the end of love can bring closure and healing to one or both partners.  If you have parted amicably, you may both want to take part.  Perhaps you'd like to undo the vows that once bound you and symbolically release each other.  Or maybe you'd like to publicly acknowledge the positive things that the relationship brought into your life.  

Alternatively you can perform a ceremony without your ex partner.  Perhaps inviting friends to gather on a river bank  to read what it is about you that they love before  throwing your wedding ring into a river to symbolise letting go. 

A well designed divorce ceremony allows you to move forward healthily with compassion, strength and dignity.

End of relationship ceremony £250 

This includes an initial meeting with you (face to face or online)

Writing and preparing your script

Ceremony itself on the day